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Quick, easy and secure currency solutions for your business

Whatever your reason for transferring money – whether you’re paying overseas suppliers, moving money between international offices or paying staff in another country – we can help you manage the currency risk of your business and make your money go further.

✔ Competitive exchange rates

✔ Lock in a rate for the future

✔ Fast international money transfers

✔ 5-star customer reviews

✔ FCA authorised

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Why Times Currency Services

Fast, secure transfers

We’ll get your money there quickly and securely – often on the same day or the next working day. Times Currency Services is authorised by the FCA as an e-money institution.

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Great FX rates

We take a smaller margin than most banks so you’ll always get a great FX rate.

Products to suit

Whether you need a currency account to collect funds from overseas customers, make an international payment or manage exchange rate risk by securing a rate for the future, we’ve got you covered. Read more about our products.

Outstanding customer service

Do you remember when you could just pick up the phone and speak to a real person? We’re still doing it. With us, you get award-winning service and your own account manager.

How it works

Once you’ve signed up, it’s easy to make a payment. Book a rate online or over the phone.

Book a rate

Just tell us how much you’re sending, who you’re paying and the currency you’re paying in. Then, we'll quote you a rate. Job done.

Send your money

Once the rate’s booked, we’ll send you an email to confirm the trade. Check the payment information, and pay by debit card or bank transfer.

We send the funds

Your work is done. Leave the rest to us. We’ll convert the funds and send them to the account you requested.

How much will I pay?

There is no fee to open or hold any account with Times Currency Services.

The way we operate as a business is to take a small profit from the difference between the rate that we buy your currency at and the rate that we sell that currency to you – this is known as a ‘spread’. For more information on spreads, talk to your Account Manager.

In addition, Times Currency Services Account customers might be charged a small fee for same currency payments – i.e. GBP to GBP. Again, your Account Manager can explain more.

Times Currency Services Online customers may be charged a pre-agreed fee on international payments (ranging from £1 to £15) but this will be discussed with your Account Manager in advance.

That’s it. Simple and transparent money transfers for your business.

What our customers say...

“Very quick and efficient service with an excellent rate of exchange – all done online with me in control”

“Excellent service, always very helpful in situations that are not the norm. Will keep using the service and would certainly recommend”

“Communication and help excellent. Could not have made it easier. The rates – wow! Savings over rates offered by my bank fantastic”